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Application for the HIV and Drug Use Research Fellowship will open 8 December 2013. To find out more and to attend our webinars on 3 and 4 December click here
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Dear Guoliang Ren
The International AIDS Society (IAS) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) are proud to announce a new round of their fellowship programme encouraging HIV and Drug Use. In 2014, the programme will be expanded with one additional fellowship thanks to the support of the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS). The name of the programme will be changed to HIV and Drug Use Research Fellowship to reflect this new partnership.  
The fellowship programme is awarded as a stipend of US$75,000 in two categories: to a junior scientist for 18 months of post-doctoral training; and to a well-established HIV or drug use researcher for eight months of professional development training. Both are hosted by leading institutes excelling in HIV-related drug use research. Applications from a wide range of disciplines will be accepted. The 2014 round will be open for applicants from 8 December 2013 to 10 February 2014 (midnight CET). Mentors must submit their statement of support by 18 February 2014 (midnight CET).
The IAS Research Promotion Department is hosting two webinars to provide more information about the upcoming HIV and Drug Use Research Fellowship application round. The webinars will be held on Tuesday, 3 December, at 16:00 GMT and Wednesday, 4 December, at 7:00 GMT. If you are interested in learning more about the fellowship, click on this link for more information on how to register.
In an effort to broaden the reach of this fellowship programme, both scientifically and geographically, we are asking for your assistance in circulating this information to your networks. With your help, we can reach a maximum number of scientists and advance scientific understanding of drug use and HIV. We would like to request your help in the following ways:
  • Please disseminate this message within your professional networks (e.g., newsletters, mailing lists).
  • Please inform eligible candidates of the HIV and Drug Use Research Fellowship Programme.
Thank you very much for your support in disseminating information about this opportunity.
Best regards
Ulrike Brizay, PhD
Research Promotion Officer
International AIDS Society
Avenue de France 23  |  CH-1202 Geneva  |  Switzerland  |  Tel: +41 22 7100 843
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Information about the HIV and Drug Use Research Fellowship Programme
Post-doctoral training: Those eligible are junior investigators with a doctoral degree (PhD) obtained no more than six years before the time of application and medical doctors with a MD or equivalent (MBBS) obtained no more than eight years before the time of application. Applicants must hold a doctorate degree or equivalent before the start of the fellowship, but not necessarily when applying.
Professional development training: The fellowship is geared towards well-established HIV or drug use scientists who are not currently active in the field of HIV-related drug use research, with a minimum of seven years of experience beyond post-doctoral level, and with a documented scientific record that includes peer-reviewed publications.
Applications are encouraged from any country. However, as there are numerous national opportunities for research training within the US, applications from US citizens and permanent residents of the US will not be accepted.
All fellows are required to choose a mentor in an institution different from their current institution, who holds an established post for the duration of the fellowship and who has a track record in training and research in the field of HIV and drug use research, including peer-reviewed publications. In order to facilitate the application process and to encourage international candidates, the IAS, NIDA and ANRS are providing a list of potential mentors. The list should serve as orientation, and applicants can choose and approach an available mentor in their field to discuss the possibility of a mentorship for a specific research project. Please note that applicants do not have to choose a mentor listed in the database.
Duration: Fellowships must be served continuously for the duration of the award. Fellows must start their fellowship before 1 June 2015.
Terms: The award of US$75,000 will be made available to the host institution, which will provide the stipend to the fellow in accordance with its usual regulatory procedures. The stipend may cover only the cost of living and travel expenses during the fellowship period. The stipend may not be supplemented with similar funds intended to cover personal expenses from another fellowship, regardless of the source. The fellow may receive additional support to cover research expenses from other sources, such as from the host institution or the fellow’s home institution.
Work permit: The mentor and the host institution are responsible for supporting the fellow in obtaining the necessary visa and work permit, insurance and ethical approval to conduct his/her research in accordance with national requirements and the host institution’s regulatory procedures.
Reporting: Fellows and mentors must provide intermediary progress reports to the IAS during the fellowship period, based on the template they will receive, as well as a final fellowship report, including an expenses report.
Any questions may be directed to
Find further information and webinars at

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