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【China AIDS:8148】 Lawyer Chang Boyang’s poem in detention center gets popular, exhibition gets support from artists

Chang Boyang's poem in detention center gets popular, photo and video exhibition gets support from artists

The investigation period expired but has been extended, lawyers finally met Chang Boyang in detention center


(Zhengzhou Yirenping, 24th Sep, 2014) On September 4th, Mr. Pang Kun, Chang's lawyer, was told by Zhengzhou Erligang police station that the investigation period expired but had been extended for one month. Meanwhile, after continuous attention and petition of lawyers and citizens, police gave up obstructing Chang from meeting his lawyer. On September 5th, the 102nd day of Chang's detainment, lawyer Pang Kun and Feng Yanqiang met Chang Boyang in detention center. On September 10th, layer Ma Lianshun met Chang too.


Poem in detention center: "atone for the wicked"

According to Pang Kun, lawyer Chang Boyang is in a very good condition and often exercises in detention center. Chang Boyang appreciated friends, who paid attention to lawyers' rights and public good, for all their helps and efforts to righteousness.

According to Chang, police's interrogation focuses on commemorative meeting for the anniversary of June 4th demonstrations, dinner parties of New Citizen Movement and seminar attendance in a university in Hong Kong. According to Chang, the final focus of the interrogation is Zhengzhou Yirenping. Chang was summoned  for "gathering a crowd to disturb public order and was officially arrested on the charge of "suspicion of illegal business operation.

Lawyer Chang  Boyang is one of the three registrants of Zhengzhou Yirenping. He is also the legal representative of the organization. According to the division of duties, however, he didn't participate in the operation and financial management of Yirenping. Zhengzhou Yirenping is a non-governmental organization established on May 2006. It has actively participated in the movement of anti-discrimination against Hepatitis B carriers in China. Zhengzhou Yirenping does not do any of its work for the purpose of making profits, and does not charge any fee for its services. Thus, there is no basis for the charge of "engaging in illegal business operations."

Lawyer Chang Boyang was reportedly arrested in late May when he sought to meet clients Ji Laisong being held at a local police station. We cannot rule out the possibility that Chang Boyang was retaliated against for performing his duty. Chang Boyang had done nothing illegally.

Commissioned by Chang Boyang, his lawyer will file criminal charges to the special group of Chang Boyang case and related staff of People's Procuratorate of Zhengzhou.

Chang Boyang said," Doing public service is innocent. Everything I did was totally open and above board". In his poem"Prisoner's Song", he said "I am inside to atone for the wicked". Chang hope more and more public interest  activists could stand out to fight for the disadvantaged people.


The "Prisoner's Song" is getting popular and photography and video exhibition is supported by several artists

Lawyer Pang Kun posted a poem on social media that Chang Boyang composed in detention center. A couple of days later, a musician made it a song and posted his singing on social media.

In early September, Chang's friend invited the public to participate in the preparation of Chang's photography and video exhibition by submitting any relevant audio and video data. This work has already received support from several artists and one preliminary meeting will be hold through internet on 20th September .






Prisoner's Song

By Chang Boyang

Translator: Melissa Lefkowitz





I am in here, the sun is out there.

Dear parents, do not be sad,

This is just darkness before the dawn.  





I am in here, the moon is out there.

Dear wife, do not cry,

The moon is always full.






I am in here, the small birds are out there.

Dear daughter, do not hate.

I am inside to atone for the wicked,

And my hope is to hold up a blue sky of freedom for you.





I am in here, you are all out there.

Dear friends, do not be sorry.

The outside world, why isn't it a prison without walls?


About Chang Boyang's Case

The well known public-interest lawyer Chang Boyangwho is the legal representative of Zhengzhou Yirenping, has always been enthusiastic in public matters. In September 2008, together with lawyers from provinces across the country, he founded a volunteer lawyers' group to assist those children harmed by tainted baby formula. He also made earnest efforts to safeguard the legal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, migrant workers, married-off rural woman, religious believers, the minority people, and petitioners.Mr. Chang was taken in by police on May 28th under the charge of "gathering in a public place to disturb public order". On July 3rd, Chang Boyang's arrest was approved by the procuratorate with a completely different charge of "engaging in illegal business operations."



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