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【China AIDS:7026】 Fw: [migrant_domestic_workers] Fw: "MALAYSIAN AND HONG KONG EMPLOYERS’ PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDES - 「馬來西亞及香港僱主對外籍家庭傭工的看法和態度」調查報告

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  16 December 2011






On the occasion of the International Migrants Day (18 December), the St. John's Cathedral HIV Education Centre would like to share the report findings of "Malaysian and Hong Kong Employers’ Perception and Attitudes towards foreign domestic workers" with you. The report conducted in 2010 in conjunction with CARAM Asia and Tenaganita analyzed the opinion of over 260 employers of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Hong Kong and Malaysia regarding their understanding about regulations, perceptions and attitudes towards FDWs, new regulations for FDWs and employers’ attitudes towards punitive measures against exploitative practices. The findings and recommendations have been prepared in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia for your reference.

'While a majority (82.8%) of Hong Kong employers reported that they were satisfied with the overall performance and attitude of their FDWs, only 43% of them reported that they were aware or very aware of the labour laws in Hong Kong as it relates to FDWs. The relatively low numbers of those that were aware of the Hong Kong regulations point out to the possible attitude that many employers do not take the time to fully understand what the law provides for them and the FDWs.

HKSAR government can facilitate the employment process of foreign domestic workers by providing better orientations to potential employers as well as to FDWs so that both parties can have a clearer understanding of their obligations and rights. The government in collaboration with trade unions or NGOs can jointly conduct these trainings on rights and obligations of all stakeholders involved.

Through this research study, we hope that readers will be more aware of issues facing migrant workers both in Malaysia and in Hong Kong. We strongly urge more care should be given towards foreign domestic workers, more education on labour regulations and implementation should be in place by the relevant authorities.  Together, we hope to create a harmonious society where all voices and races can be heard and accepted.

If you would like to have a hard copy of the report or have further enquiries, please feel to contact our Centre Manager, Ms. Elijah Fung on 2523 0531 or email:

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